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Plan. Don’t panic.

Markets are down. Income is unpredictable. Although it is an unsettling time, it’s important to make decisions with a clear and informed mind for financial health.

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Have tax deadlines changed because of COVID-19?

Yes. The Canada Revenue Agency announced that income tax deadlines have been extended to accommodate the COVID-19 outbreak. For individuals, the filing date is now due June 1, 2020 Payments will need to be made on September 1, 2020 for the 2019 tax year If you’re self-employed: For self-employed, the filing date is still June […]

Where to find relief money during COVID-19

The “new norm” isn’t just about staying indoors during a pandemic. With the recent COVID-19 outbreak forcing store closures across the globe, many workers are facing temporary and permanent job loss. If the “new norm” for you means trying to understand how you can stabilize your income during an unstable time, you’re not alone. In […]

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